We believe the power of decentralization will transform our world.

While billions await their first "crypto" experience, they are held back by poor usability and sheer complexity.

Their first steps into this world are an eventual inevitability. But can we accelerate the time table?

Join us as we begin unleashing our creations to spark superlinear growth in our space.

Superlinear Gateway for Grin

Native Grin wallet implementation for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • Simple to use graphical interface.
  • Tutorial mode with test transactions.
  • Built-in secure decentralized messaging platform.
  • End-to-end encryption using double ratchet protocol.
  • New QR code format to simplify transactions.
  • Fully compatible with Grin command line wallets.
  • iOS and Android mobile versions coming.
  • Will be 100% open source at launch.
  • Exchange integration.
  • Atomic swap, smart contracts and more coming soon...

Let me know when it's available!

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